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There is little that is more romantic for a wedding than a beautiful floral crown for the bridesmaids or flower girls. For years this was a traditional and very feminine hair adornment with a long history of use for special occasions such as pageants and ceremonies. Today, floral crowns are still a popular wedding flower accessory that have seen even more resurgence recently.

Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Kirsten Dunst have rocked floral crowns for varied occasions.


More recently, both Ashley Tisdale and Audrey Roloff both wore beautiful floral crowns in their own celebrity weddings. This is an ultra-feminine look that suits a variety of venues and themes, that can work with “bohemian chic,” as well as “fairy tale romantic.”

If you want to use floral crowns in your own wedding, they are an easy DIY project using a variety of gorgeous bulk wedding flowers and basic floral supplies.

You will need: Thin green florist wire, thicker grapevine wire, sharp scissors or wire cutters, green or brown florist tape, greenery of choice, flowers of choice.

Fresh flowers look amazing in floral crowns, and your wedding is a special day. You can find a variety of wholesale bulk flowers plus excellent and low priced floral supplies at Bunches Direct. Many varieties of flowers will work, but we especially love roses, spray roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, daisies, lilies and baby’s breath for wedding flower crowns.

1. Wrap a section of the thicker grapevine wire around your head, and allow for an added two inches. Cut the wire and then twist the extra wire back onto the main circle to secure it. Use some floral tape to cover the ends and prevent any scratching or loosening. This is now the circlet base for the flowers.

2. Lay your circlet on a table and start planning your crown. You might want the larger flowers all at the front, with sizes of flowers tapering away on either side, a mix of large, small and medium, or an evenly staggered arrangement of blooms. Decide on an approximate “look” for your crown by setting various flowers and fillers out now, to save you time and frustration later.

3. Cut the stems of the flowers to approximately two inches. If you want a very “full” look for your crown, it often works best to group small bunches of flowers and filler together to form mini “bouquets”. Use the thin florist wire to wire the elements of the bunches together. Then you can use the wire to start attaching the bunches (or individual flowers, if you prefer) to the grapevine circle.




4. For the heavier flowers, you may want to put a wire through the center of the bloom. Form a small hook, then pull the hook back in to the bloom. This will allow you to attach this flower more securely to the crown.

5. Be sure to use adequate filler (such as greenery or baby’s breath) to fill in gaps. Keep the flowers pointing in the same direction, and facing outwards. Keep working until you have the look you want. Try on the crown frequently to see how things are looking.


And that’s it! You can make these the day before, but store in the refrigerator until needed. You will have a stunning crown of fresh, blooming flowers to wear with pride on your big day. This is a beautiful touch for any bride, bridesmaid or flower girl that is sure to be the talk of the guests.



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If anyone is going to share or possibly steal the spotlight from the bride, it could well be the flower girl or ring bearer. These sweet additions to any wedding party are often the ones the guests talk about after the ceremony. The tradition of flower girls has been around since ancient Rome, when girls carried sheaves of wheat to symbolize fertility for the new couple. Flower girls carried everything from garlic to cups in different eras and different cultures, but during Victorian England the more contemporary tradition of carrying flowers or flower petals was born.

But don’t be limited by traditional thinking. There are many creative ways that still incorporate flowers and will make your flower girl or ring bearer have special impact as a little star in your very personal production.

Have your flower girl carry the petals or flowers, but get creative with the holder. Mason jars with handles, woven baskets, painted wooden baskets, tin pails or buckets can all work beautifully. Bunches Direct also sells bulk rose petals in various colors.

Another amazing DIY idea is to create a flower wand using wedding flowers that coordinate with the ones in the bridal bouquet. (Your little flower girl will feel like a fairy princess.) Purchase the bulk flowers of your choice (check out the amazing variety of bulk flowers at Bunches Direct), a wooden dowel, floral ball, ribbons, and glue gun. Wrap and glue the ribbons to the dowel, and tie added lengths of ribbon to trail off the end of the rod. Affix the dowel into the ball. Glue on the flowers of your choice.

Another idea is to have your flower girls carry pomanders (“kissing balls”) or pretty floral wreaths instead of petals or bouquets. This is another potential DIY project and sometimes the pomander is easier for little hands to hold onto. Check out DIY Pomanders on Youtube from BunchesDirect

Another sweet option is to decorate a pretty parasol with flowers (get out the glue gun again.) Signs, flags, or pennants can also be decorated with flowers and can add a super cute touch. If you have multiple flower girls or ring bearers, you can have them hold individual signs that say “Here” “Comes” “The” and “Bride”, for example. What a nice prelude to the bride’s big entrance!


For yet another idea, have the flower girls carry a floral garland as another option. This is an easy DIY option using bulk flowers!








Of course flowers are the ultimate hair accessory for your lovely little flower girls.

The go-to accessory is a gorgeous floral crown, though you can also attach flowers to headbands, bows or barrettes for some unique and memorable touches.










Are pets going to be part of your wedding ceremony? This is a growing trend, so you can always have the flower girl help out with Fido. Gluing flowers to a leash is an easy way to make it a prettier presentation.





There are other creative ways in which your flower girl can help with the ceremony. Perhaps have her carry a special note to the groom, right before the bride comes down the aisle. She could also carry a special box decorated with flowers that contains the vows. Once the wedding is over, the box will become a special keepsake in which to store your vows (in case you need to refer to them later).

If you choose to have flower girls, there is little doubt that they will be a special part of your big day. They will be thrilled to be included in the celebrations and inspired by all the special touches. And the practice they get walking down the aisle might be put to good use one day when it’s their turn to be the bride. Feel free to share some photos of your own flower girls or ring bearers! I’d love to see them at [email protected]



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If you are considering black bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, you are not alone! Black is becoming a more and more popular choice for your attendants. Every woman owns (or should own) the go-to Little Black Dress, as black is slimming, sophisticated and appropriate for so many occasions.If you choose black for your bridesmaids they are likely to be able to wear the dresses again (another bonus.) You can go formal or more casual depending on skirt length, fabric and style—consider the venue and time of day before making your final decision. Long black gowns may not be the best choice for a farm at mid day, for example, though I have seen them worn at a beach wedding (I am thinking of Kate Bosworth who was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding…see photo below).

Black bridesmaid dresses can provide a chic and sophisticated tone to your wedding, and would especially suit a city venue or an evening wedding. For those who are afraid that black can be too somber, you can always add color and bling in the form of belts or creative jewelry, sashes or shoes that can tie into your general wedding color theme. Another advantage to black dresses is that the color (or lack of color) makes them versatile: virtually any color palette with work with this base. If you opt for multiple styles of dresses for your attendants, black will help the styles work together. Black will also relate well to the groomsmen’s suits and all will provide a wonderful contrast to the bride (and can therefore really set off the “star” of the production).

Now, for the wedding flowers! As mentioned, pretty much any color choice of wedding flower can work with black, so you can’t really go wrong here. Some wedding palettes are more striking than others. We’ve assembled our top four, with some Bunches Direct bouquet picks:

Amanda Watson photography

1. Society Neutral: White or Ivory

Classic White Carnation

Pretty in White









2. Personality: Pops of Hot Pink

Classic Hot Pink Gerbera

Inspired Endearment









3. Glamour and Drama with Red

Crimson Dream

Classic Red Rose









4. Modern and Stylish with Green


Perfect Surrounding

Hydrangea and Rose









What’s your favorite color combination? Care to share? If you have comments or photos that you can share with other brides, feel free to email me at [email protected]!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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Okay, so let’s admit it. A lot of little girls grow up watching the Disney movies, and picturing themselves as the heroine or princess in the fairy tale. Not all of us, but a lot. The classic Disney movies are some of the most loved and often watched of any genre, with worldwide recognition. (Even the recent releases do well at the box office: Disney’s Frozen was the highest grossing animated movie of all time.) The Disney princesses inspire many a little girl’s Hallowe’en costume, birthday party theme, and favorite dress-up choice.

So it kind of makes sense that Disney decided to offer a line of wedding and attendant gowns that are inspired by some of their most iconic characters. They paired up with bridal designer Alfred Angelo to offer a Fairy Tale Weddings bridal collection, and created gowns for the various Disney princesses.

Because it’s Monday and we could all use something light, I decided it might be fun to match some of our lovely BunchesDirect bridal bouquets to the top 5 Disney heroines and the gowns that were created for each. If your personality matches a particular princess, you might also like the wedding flowers that are chosen for her.

All gown photos are courtesy of the Disney 2014 Fairy Tale Weddings Dress Collection. Enjoy and have some fun!

1. Elsa from Frozen
This is the newest gown, set to be released in January 2014, which is supposed to be a sparkling, ice-blue creation. Cool whites and blues would be a good match here:

Hint of Snow

Heavenly Mist








2. Jasmine from Aladdin
This character is bold and exotic, inspired by the Arabian Nights. I think her wedding flowers would be exotic and eye-catching, in rich hues with large blooms:

Morning Glow


Wild Pink







3. Snow White
Snow White was the fairest in the land, with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony. She is a study in elegant contrasts, and her flowers would be very striking in bold reds:

Red Sparkle


Crimson Dream





4. Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
Ariel was adventurous and curious, and the setting was ocean and beach. Her wedding flowers might include tropical colors inspired by the sea and a Caribbean vibe:

Desire for You

Blue Sky







5. Sleeping Beauty
Aurora was a delicate, ultra-feminine beauty and her story is a classic romance. I see pastel pinks as a good match for this gown (and the bouquet titles are very apt!):

Pink Dreamland

Fairy Tale Beauty


Wedding Flowers for George and Amal


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As we all know, George Clooney, formerly one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, finally found the right girl and decided that the altar was not such a bad place to visit. At age 53, Clooney is set to marry the lovely and intelligent Amal Alamuddin, a 37-year-old lawyer, activist and author. All signs suggest that their wedding is imminent and that the countdown has begun.

According to sources at US weekly, Amal’s parents, Ramiz and Baria Alamuddin, are paying for most of the wedding. I immediately wondered what the couple did for a living:  Ramiz is editor at a Lebanese newspaper. Based on Clooney’s own comments, signs point to a September 27 date, with the wedding to take place at the 7-star Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice, Italy. (Clooney fans and stalkers may be deterred by the prices to stay here: rooms start at $1800 per night).

Reportedly the wedding will have about 60 guests, including friends Matt Damon and his wife, and Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber (who is also George’s pal and business partner). Andrea Bocelli is expected to perform. It’s also expected that Amal’s younger sister Tala will be maid of honour, and Gerber will be best man.

The details of Amal’s dress are a closely guarded secret, but she was spotted recently at the offices of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (the same designer who created Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding dress.) It’s been confirmed as of yesterday that Georgio Armani will be dressing George for the special day. The designer spoke out at his Emperio Armani show during fashion week in Milan, and had already dispatched a team to George’s home on Lake Como.

Now, given all these clues, what can we expect for the couple’s wedding flowers? Both George and Amal seem to favour simple, well-tailored, elegant lines for their fashion choices. Neither is especially flashy, and both lean toward classy sophistication. Their likely venue is the epitome of old world, Italian grandeur.

Our picks for their wedding flowers (and gorgeous looks, at thousands less than they will likely spend) are shown below. Given Amal’s dark hair and exotic beauty, some colour in the bride’s bouquet would be very striking so long as the selections are not too fussy. She might enjoy lilies, roses, and orchids, since all are popular in Lebanon. I might also include some small sprigs of cedar in Amal’s bouquet (if she didn’t mind a bit of scent) as a tribute to the national tree and symbol of Lebanon. (And the Pink Triumph wedding bouquet is aptly named, since it was s triumph for Amal to land Mr. Clooney.)

What do you think?

Graceful Blooms Bridal Bouquet

Pink Triumph Bridal Bouquet






Secret Happiness Bridal Bouquet

Reality Wedding Insider: Samantha & Nathaniel


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Well, ladies, we are fortunate enough to have another of our beautiful Bunches Brides share her special day with us. The details were provided courtesy of the maid of honor, and the one who created the flowers for the wedding: the bride’s best friend Ashley! This is a prime example of the amazing results you can achieve for DIY wedding flowers, so get ready to be inspired!

The wedding was between Samantha and Nathaniel and took place in July 2014, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. The ceremony and reception took place at the scenic Maple Downs Golf & Country Club. Guest assembled for the outdoor ceremony on a second story deck with a lovely view of the grounds. The wedding included seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen, a ring bearer, and three flower girls (including their daughter).

The blush pink dresses were a superb choice– the elegant lines and the pale pastel tone suited all the ladies well. And the shoes—love, love, these delicate silver heels with the intersecting straps!

Looks like some fun was had! Good job, ladies

Love the choice of using pomanders (sometimes called kissing balls) instead of all bouquets! The two older flower girls carried the pomanders (also made by Ashley), which were made with pink carnations; the youngest flower girl followed and scattered rose petals. Carnations are a great choice for pomanders as they fill up the ball well and hold up nicely over time.

Now, for the flowers! The couple opted to purchase fresh flowers in bulk from BunchesDirect, and do their own arrangements, which were made by the couple’s maid of honor, with some help from the bridesmaids! For those of you who are considering DIY for your wedding, read on: Ashley was kind enough to provide us a recap of the experience!

When my best friend came to me and asked me to do her wedding flowers, I was all up for the challenge. She knew I was very crafty so therefore seemed like the best person for the job. Myself and all of the bridesmaids were wearing light blush pink dresses and her colors would be a mix of the light pink, white and touches of hot pink. I thought having this blend of colours would work perfectly together so then I just had to work on flowers she liked and disliked.

This was easy enough because she did not have any flower preference other than wanting a few peonies in her bouquet. The rest was pretty much left to me. She knew she wanted the white hydrangeas for the centerpieces and then just a nice mix of flowers for the bouquets. For the bouquets I had a mix of lots of different flowers including white roses, bi-colored roses (pink/cream), white mini calla lilies, pink lisianthus, a few white carnations (to keep costs down) and then a few hot pink spray roses for the accent color. I calculated how many flowers I needed for each bouquet and figured out my quantities, and added some extras just to have some leftovers.

The flowers arrived to me 3 days before the wedding and I immediately cut them all and put them into buckets of water. I luckily had a walk-in cooler which helped to keep them cool. Two days before the wedding I started working on the smaller more tedious items such as the corsages, boutonnieres, flower girl bouquets, etc. Then the next day I worked on all of the 7 bridesmaid bouquets, bridal bouquet and 4 candelabra centerpieces.They came together pretty quickly once I got in the groove.

That night once I had finished all the bouquets we brought all of the bulk loose hydrangeas over to the bride’s house and got all the bridesmaids over to help make the centerpieces. With a bit of wine involved we got a lot accomplished. We chose to go with square cube vases for the centerpieces and she wanted to use the white hydrangeas and accents of baby’s breath. We used about 3 white hydrangeas in each cube vase and some baby’s breath scattered throughout the hydrangeas. They looked so perfect and were so easy to make!

All in all we got the flowers at the appropriate time, and that way I could play with the openness of the blooms. The flowers were fresh and beautiful once they were all properly “groomed”. I wanted them to be more open so getting them a few days before allowed me to monitor this and have them open up nicely before the wedding. Getting the flowers in bulk and arranging them ourselves was a great way to save money in the end and we all had a blast making them!”

All I can say is: AMAZING JOB, ASHLEY!! All of your arrangements are absolutely stunning. And I hope Samantha gave you a big, big, big thank you for all your hard work! Only a bestie would go above-and-beyond like this.

What do YOU think of the flowers?